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  Syntezy PLL
Models include:- Pace 8093,Royce 582/651/639/642,SBE LCMS-4 and Sommerkamp
This chip uses binary inputs and internal ROM. It is not modifiable.

Models include:- Kraco 2410/2420/2430, Pace 8003, Realistic TRC209-18, Royce
607, SBE LCM-8P
This chip uses binary inputs. It is not modifiable.

Models include:- Cobra 19+(late), Colt 357A, Contact 40FM, Dick Smith
D-1200, GE 3-5909A, Intek M4035, Lear Jet, MCE 540, Midland
77-106/77-112/77-155/77-157, Pace CB8001/CB8002, Regency info CB-1/CB-2, Unic
This chip uses ROM codes. It is not modifiable.

Models include:- Sharp CB-5470
When Pin 14 is LOW the Ncodes are binary in the range of N =53-308. When
Pin 14 is HIGH the Ncodes are in the range of N=3-191. When Pin 14 is HIGH and
Pins 7 & 8 LOW programming is BCD with Ncodes of 91-135.

Models include:- GE 3-5804A/ 3-5871B, Sanyo TA2000/4000/6000, Realistic
This chip has internal ROM with binary inputs.Ncodes (ch1)150 to (ch40)194

Models include:- Realistic TRC459/TRC480
This chip uses 7 bit binary programming with internal pull-down resistors.

When Pin 9 is HIGH the preset Ncodes are 64+N, When Pin 9 is LOW the preset
Ncodes are 128+N

Models include:- Colt 222, Commtron VIII, Jaws II, Formac 240, HyStar 100,
Palomar SSB500(late), Stag 357, Midland 100M/150M/77-101B/77-101C/77-824C, Colt
510, Realistic TRC462, Roybn SB5400, SBE 47CB, Tristar 120
This chip uses BCD ROM programming.
Can be modified by injecting new mixing frequencies.

Models include:- DNT 4000FM, GE 3-5828A/3-5806A/3-5808A, Fox CB240/CB440,
Midland 77-104/77-805/77-805A/77-145/77-145A/77-149/77-158/77-250, Realistic
TRC413/TRC415/TRC417/TRC418/TRC419/TRC423/TRC430/TRC433/TRC434, Roadmaster
This chip uses ROM programming with direct VCO division.
This PLL is not easily modified.

These were the first generation of 'impossible' chips,although the LC7131
can now be modified.
FCC Models include:-Audiovox MCB40, Audition CB404/CB3000, Cobra
19X/19XS/19+(early)/20+/40+/66LTD/70LTD/90LTD, Midland
Colt 210, Courier Galaxy IV/V/VI, Dick Smith D-1450, Fox CB340, GE
3-5805B/3-5826A, Intek49+, K40(early), Pearce-Simpson Super Lion, Pearce-Simpson
Super Tiger, Pyramid CB-26, Realistic
TRC421A/TRC422A/TRC410/TRC414/TRC428/TRC472, SAM 2000, Unic RV-CB50, Uniden
AX-11/PC77, US Audio U-9000B, Vice-President Roy
UK Models include:-(PCMA002F) Amstrad CB900/CB901, Fidelity 2001FM, Harrier
CBHQ, Harvard 400M/402MPA/H401/H407, Mustang CB1000/CB2000/CB3000/CB3001, Nato
40FM, Transcom GBXX4000.
(PTBM134A0X) Barracuda HP940, Binatone 5-star, Speedway, Fidelity CB2000M,
harrier CBX, Harvard 420M, Midland 76-200, Radiomobile 201/202, Rotel
220/230/240, Oscar 1, Sappire X4000, York JCP861/JCP863.
(PTBM135A0X) Cybernet Beta 1000/2000/3000

LC7137 Misc. Chassis. Shogun CB
Maxon Chassis. Cobra 21FXM, Colt 295, Commtron CB40F, Maxcom
4E/6E/16E/20E/21E, Midland 2001/2001T/3001/4001, Sirtel Searcher, Academy
501/502, Barracuda GT868, Elftone ELCB6000, Fidelity CB300M/1000M, Great
GT858B/GT868B, Halcyon Cheetah/Condor, Johnson XK2000, Lake 850/950, Sapphire
2000DX, Steepletone SCB1FM, Transcom CBX2000/CBX4000.
The chip cannot be modified except the LC7131 SBB chassis which can be
modified with an external oscillator and mixer.

Models include:- Cobra 18RV/23+, Midland 77-099/77-162, Realistic
TRC476/TRC477. Also Realistic TRC-207, TRC-481
This chip uses ROM programming with direct VCO division.It only has one
programming bit to step UP or DOWN,getting rid of the BCD channel selector
switch.No chance of modification.

Modles include:- Channel Master CB6830/CB6832, GE 3-5800
/3-5801A/3-5810A/3-5871A/3-5821A, Teaberry 'T' Charlie/ Racer 'T'
This chip uses binary programming and preset Ncode ranges.
It can be easily modified by changing the loop mixing crystal

Models include:-American Motors 32311847/848/849/850, ITT 4400M, Wards GEN
702A/730/774A/775A/828A, Kraco KCB4005, Royce 1-632, Royce - Some AM models
with the sealed PLL 'sardine' cans
This chip uses binary programming and preset Ncode ranges.
Can easily be modified by changing the loop mixing crystal.

Models Include:- AM In-dash Models:Cobra 46/47XLR, 50/55XLR. Single
Conversion AM/SSB US models:Cobra 140/142GTL, Courier Galaxy, Midland
79-900, President P400/Mckinley/Washington(new), Realistic TRC450/TRC490, Robyn
SB505D/SBE LCBS-8/LCMS-8, Teaberry Stalker IX/XV/XX, Tram D80/D300, Uniden
Washington.Dual Conversion AM/SSB US/Australian Models:Cobra
148/2000GTL, Pearce-Simpson Super Bengal MkII, President
Grant(new)/Madison(new), Uniden Grant/Madison.Multimode AM/FM/SSB
Export Models:Cobra 148GTL-DX(early,PC879), President Grant(export,PC899),
President McKinley(export), Stalker 9-FDX(PC893), Stalker XX Export
The MB8719 is used in the popular Uniden chassis.In the Export versions it
has a pair of MC14008 binary Adders connected to it, this enables more Ncodes
per mixing crystal.
Modification can be done by changing the loop mixing crystal or controlling
pin 10 on the MB8719.If the MB8734 PLL is fitted, replace it with the MB8719
then pin 10 can be controlled.

Models include:-US Models:Browning Mark 4A, Dak Mark V/IX, Robyn
440, Lake 600, Palomar SSB500(late), Regency CB501, SBE 54CB, Keycomm 1000
Export Models:Alaron B-4800, Cobra 148GTL-DX(late), Superstar
360FM(P010), Colonel FR360, Stag 357, WKS1001, President Jackson(PB042),
Universe 5500Uniden 'Clones':Connex 3300, Excalibur base/ Samurai,
Galaxy 2100/Saturn/II/Pluto, President Franklin, Superstar 3600/3900, Super
Galaxy, Texas Star.
Used in alot of the newer Uniden 'clone' export radios. Also has a pair of
MC14008 binary adders to increase Ncode range.
Easily modified by changing the programming or loop mixing crystal.

Models include:- Craig L101/L102, Lake 650, SBE 44CB/45CB/27CBA(Sidebander
IV)/39CB(Sidebander V)/40CB(Console V), Maxon 40(With sealed PLL can), Royce
Models include:- Hygain 2716 and other Cybernet AM models with a remote
This radio is useless without the mike controller. It uses a single 10.240
Mhz crystal and a serial data bit stream, generated by the mike.
Not easy to modify.

Models include:- U.S. Models:Lake 410U.K. Models:Academy,Fidelity
CB1000FM, Harvard 402MPA, Lake 850, transcom GBX2000/GBX4000
This chip uses simple 8 bit binary programming.Can be easily modified by
programming the pins.

Models include:- GM(Johnson) 4170/4175, Johnson messanger
40/50/80/191/4120/4125/4135/4140/4145/4230/4250, Johnson Viking
A custom made chip for EF Johnson. It uses BCD programming.
Modification can be done by changing the loop mixing crystals or by changing
the BCD programming to the PLL.

Models include:- Alaron B4900, Palomar 49, Kraco KCB4000, Realistic TRC205,
Tenna 10901/10902/11302.
This chip uses binary programming.very early chip.
Can be easily modified by changing the programming or loop mixing crystal.

Models include:- Gemtronics GTX-4040/GTX-5000, Shakespeare GBS-240, Robyn
T240D, Teaberry Model 'T'
This chip is a phase comparator and programmable divider only.It is used in
conjunction with the MSL2301 programmable divider.
Easily modified by changing the loop mixing crystal.

Models include:- Craig L131/L231, Johnson Messanger 4730/Viking 4740, NDI
PC200/PC201, Tram D64, Pace 1000BC/1000MC/SS-120, SBE Console VI
This chip was designed to replace the MC14526/68 pair.Used in SSB models
Modification is done by useing an external oscillator to replace the doubled
20 Mhz mixing signal coming from the 10 Mhz reference divider.

Models include:- Pearce-Simpson Jaguar 40B, Vector 770/790/X
This chip uses simple binary programming.
Easily modified by changing the 38 Mhz loop mixing crystal.

Models include:- Kraco KCB4003/KCB4088, Morse(Electrophonics) 2001, Pace
8340, Surveyor 2630.
This chip is the same as above,the only diference is that this one uses a
11.520 Mhz reference divider instead of 10.240 Mhz.
Easily modified by changing its 34.560 Mhz mixing signal.

Also includes MC145109/MN6040/SM5109/TC9100 PLL's
This is the most popular PLL ever made! Used in both U.S. and Export models.
Due to large number of radio's using this chip I have not listed them.
The PLL02A uses simple 9 bit binary programming.
Easily modified by changing the binary programming or the loop mixing

Models include:- Hygain 681(HyRange I/Ia)/681(HyRange II/IIa), Kraco
Predecessor to the PLL02A.Uses straight 8 bit binary programming.
Easily modified by changing the binary programming or the 9.51 Mhz doubler
mixing crystal.

Models include:- U.S. Models: Delco(GM)
90CB1/90BCB1/90BCB2/90BFTC1/80BCB2, GE 3-5813A/5818A/5819B/5869A/3-5817A, JC
Penny 981-6216, Midland 77-821/77-859, SBE LCM-8EEC Models: Ham
International Hercules FM, HyCom CB2000/CB3000/CB4000, Major 3000, Multitech
MS211, Midland 77-FM-005
This is the first ROM chip. Due to the lack of a TX mixer stage it is

Models include:- Courier Blazer 40D/Renegade 40/Rogue 40/Nightrider
40DR/Ranger 40D, Fannon Fanfare 125F/182F/184F/185PLL/185DF/190F, Realistic
Uses simple 8 bit binary programming.
Easily modified by changing the loop mixing crystal.

Royce sealed PLL
Models include:- GE 3-5830, Kmart D40, Kraco KCB4001/KCB4070, Royce
Lake 5000/5100, Mopar 4094173, Medallion 63-200/63-240, Motorola CF925AX,
Pioneer GT1100G/GT6600, Ray Jefferson CB740, Superscope Aircommand CBR-40.
These models used the famous 'sardine can' type sealed PLL unit. A number of
PLL's were used in this form, including the TC5080/TC5081/TC5082/M58473P. These
PLL's are described elsewhere in this document.
It can be easily modified by changing the loop mixing crystal.

Models include:- Courier Caravelle 40D/Conqueror 40D, Fannon Fanfare 880DF,
Realistic TRC455, JC Penney 981-6241/981-6246/981-6248, Sears
934.3827/934.3831/934.3826, Kris XL-45/XL-50, Midland 77-825/77-861, Motorola
T4000A/T4005A/T4009/T4010A/T4020A/T4022A/T4025A/CM540, Panasonic
RJ3050/RJ3150/RJ3100, Robyn 007-140/LB120/DG130D/WV110, Utac TRX500/TRX4000.
This chip uses binary programming. AM models can be modified by changing the
programming or loop mixing crystal. SSB models are more difficult because they
use seperate 12 Mhz tripler crystals for AM/LSB and USB. It requires that you
change both crystals to get all modes.

Models include:- Lake 650, Sears 370.3805, Lafayette LM200,Telsat 1240, Pace
8008/CB161/8010A/8015A/8113/8117/8155, SBE 41CB/42CB.
Uses 8 bit binary programming and an external reference oscillator.
Can be modified by injecting a new oscillator signal.

Models include:- Automatic CBR2175, Bowman CBR9940, Panasonic
CB-B4737EU/B474EU, Pearce-Simpson Leopard B, RCA 14T405/14T410, Chrysler
4048076/8077, Pace 8041/8046/8047/CB185/8092.
This chip uses simple 8 bit binary programming. The Pace 8092 uses a very
complex scheme to produce a 455Khz SSB circuit.
Modification by changing the 12.250 Mhz tripler crystal.

Models include:- Cobra 18+/21+/25+/29+/33+
This is one of the newer ROM type chips. It has Ch.9/19 pins and an internal
LED display driver and ONLY 2 programming pins (UP & DOWN).
No chance of modification.

Models include:- Cobra 31+, K40-7, Realistic TRC 435, Uniden PRO
In this chip the VCO shifts directly from 16 Mhz on RX to 27 Mhz on TX by
switching in different VCO coil inductances. This is a very poor design.
No modifications as far as I know (why would you want to modify such a bad

Browning Baron/Sabre/SS-2, Cobra 132XLR/135XLR/32XLR/86XLR/87XLR, Tram
D62/D12/D42, Sears 562.3802/562.382, Kraco KCB4095, Sharp
CB750A/CB800A/CB2260/CB2460, Royce - some models with the 'sardine' can PLL.
This chip is part of a three chip combination, the TC5081 (Phase comparator)
and the TC5082 (Referance Oscillator & Divider)
Can be modified slightly by changing the programming to the pins. A better
mod is to change the loop mixing crystal.

Models include:- Midland 76-860/77-861B, Sharp CB2170/CB4370/CB4470/CB4670
This chip uses 6 bit binary programming with pin 10 controlling the preset
Ncodes for TX and RX.
Can be modified by switching in new loop mixing crystals.

Models include:- Medallion 63-540, Motorola CT950AX, TRS Challenger
730/1200, Wards GEN-680A/716A
This chip uses simple 6 bit binary programming and a preset divider.
It can be easily modified by injecting new mixing signals from a external

Models include:- Motorola System 500 CM550/CB550/CB555
This chip also uses 6 bit binary programming. It is very similar to the
TC9106/9119 PLL except they use BCD/ROM programming to make conversions harder.
Can be modified by switching in new loop mixing crystals.

Models include:-U.S.(TC9106)Cobra 18LTD/20LTD/21GTL/
25GTL/21LTD/25LTD, Craig L104, K40-8, Midland 200M/77-824B, President
P220/Andrew J/AR-7/AR44/AX44/AR711/AX711/P200/P210, Uniden
PC66/PC33/PC33X/PC55/PC55X/AX-43/PC-3/Pro-540e, GE 3-5804B
/5815A/3-5805/3-5804F, Realistic TRC425/TRC426/TRC427/ TRC473/TRC474, Teaberry
Stalker III, NDI PC101/PC102
U.K.(TC9119)Audioline 340/341/345, Tandy TRC2000/ TRC2001/TRC2002,
Uniace 100/200
These chips use a double ROM set to deny illegal modifications. The only
difference between the US version and the UK version are the ROM codes.
No Modifications possible.

Models include:- Cobra 19GTL/19LTD, President VEEP/AR-14/ AX-14, SBE
LCMS-4/LCM5, Sears 663.38052/663.38009, Teaberry Stalker IV/VIII, Uniden PC-14,
Craig L103, GE 3-5804G/3-5816A, Realistic TRC216/TRC210/TRC411/TRC416/TRC429
This chip is similar to the TC9106/TC9119 PLL's.
Forget about modifications.

Models include:- Cobra 138XLR/139XLR/21XLR/29XLR/89XLR/21X/ 77X, Palomar
SSB500(early), President Adams/Grant(old)/Madison(old) /Washinton(old)/Dwight
D(old)/honist Abe/Teddy R/Zachary T(old)/John Q, Realistic
TRC449/TRC457/TRC458/TRC452, Roybn SB510D /520D/AM-500D, Stag 357, Teaberry
Stalker 101/102/202/WKS1001, Courier Centurion PLL/Centurion 40D/ Gladiator PLL/
Spartan PLL/Rebel PLL/Rebel 40A, Fannon Fanfare 350F/100F1, Midland
79-893/13-883B/77-883,Teaberry T Bear/T command/Titan T/ T Dispatch,
This is a great PLL. It has a possible 399 channels via 10 bit BCD
programming. The SSB models are very broadbanded enabling 200 channels.
Modification can be done by changing the loop mixing crystals or a better
method is to change the BCD programming.

Models include:- SSBCDE Mk26, Pearce-Simpson Super Bengal MkII,
Contact PSC301, Wagner 510
BCD/ROM AMBowman CBM-6100, Colt 350, Convoy CON-400, SBE49CB, JC
Penney 981-6221/6255/981-6203/6237, Sears
934.380817/934.381107/934.381207/981-6203/6237, Realistic TRC468/
TRC440/TRC466/TRC467/TRC461, TRS 600
Binary AMPanasonic RJ-3250/3450/3600/3660, Realistic
TRC424/TRC431/TRC456, Superscope Aircommand CB140/ CB340/ CB640
This chip is very similar to the uPD858, but this one gives you the choice
of either 8 bit binary or 6 bit BCD/ROM programming.
In the BCD/ROM models disconnecting pin 24,grounding pin 14 and switching
pins 7 & 8 converts them to binary programming.

Models include:- Audiovox MDU6000, Tristar 727,TRS Challenger 850/1400
This chip uses 7 bit BCD/ROM programming using several sets of
Ncodes,depending on mode and IF choice.
Can be modified by injecting new mixing frequencies with a external
oscillator/crystal switch.

Models include:- Audiovox MCB5000, JIL 615CB
This chip allows either 6 bit BCD/ROM or 8 bit binary programming. Pin 3
controls this operation.
Can be modified by changing to binary programming and then change the
programming on the pins.

Models include:- uPD2810Cobra 66GTL, Craig L150, President James
K/AR-11/Old Hickory, Midland 77-856, Realistic
uPD2816Cobra 29GTL/29LTD/63GTL/87GTL/89GTL/1000GTL, President Thomas
J / JFK/Dwight D(new)/Zachary T(new), Superstar 120, SBE LCB-8, Teaberry
Stalker XII/ Stalker V, Uniden PTC104 Trucker.

uPD2816 SSB Midland 6001(79-006)/ 7001(79-007)
These chips use 6 bit BCD/ROM programming.
The SSB models can be modified by pulling pin 9 HIGH. This will give 40
channels exactly 455Khz below the standard 'FCC' channels (ie. 26.510 - 26.950).
The others can be modified by injecting new mixing frequencies with an external
oscillator/crystal switch.

Models include:- Cobra 146GTL, Midland 6001/7000/79-260, Pearce- Simpson
Super Cheetah, President P300/AR-144/AX-144, Realistic TRC451/TRC453/TRC465,
Sears 663.3810, Uniden PC244/PC122/Pro-810e/Pro-640e, Craig L132/L232, Wards
The only ncodes available are 91-135.
Can be modified by injecting new mixing frequencies with a external
oscillator/crystal switch.
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